Q: What are the Hair Wraps made out of?

A: They are hand-made out of polymer clay

Q: Do they work in fine, slippery hair?

A: Yes! Hair Wraps work in all hair types. You only need about a pencil-thickness amount of hair to wrap around the Hair Wrap for it to stay in the hair. Meaning if you have finer hair you can use a little more, and if you have thicker hair then you can use a little less

Q: Are they hand-made?

A: Yes, all Hair Wraps are hand-made by Amy and Camilla. Being hand-made, slight variations may occur. 

Q: What if my items were damaged and/or defected upon arrival?

A: We take pride in constructing a high-quality item for our customers and quality check our product before shipping out. If an item is damaged or defected, please email us at hairwraps@comcast.net with a photo of item(s) and we will make the situation right!

Q: How do I install my Hair Wrap?

A: Take a look at our instagram @seattlehairwraps or click on the 'how to install' section on our header of our website. Both show photos and videos on how to install Hair Wraps